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Two-headed sharks are surfacing all over the world; Russian teen removes rival’s head - 11/04/2016

1. Scientists from Spain have discovered an Atlantic sawtail catshark embryo with two heads, the most recent case of dicephaly in sharks. Their findings were ...

Veterinary Emergency Medicine Small Animal APP

LAUNCHES OCTOBER 24TH 2015*** An iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Find out more at: http://www.kimbavetapps.com/

Jaguza Livestock App For Monitor and Detection Diseases in Animals

With technology, livestock farmers today are more empowered to manage their animals in as far as understanding and controlling animal disease. With the ...

LTDM cap 16 - ¿Existe el vapeador pasivo? Entrevista con Miguel de la Guardia ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Entrevista con el catedrático de química analítica Miguel de la Guardia en la Universidad de Valencia, a raiz del estudio que se ha difundido en los medios de ...

MedZine: Real time medical news app: International Edition

MedZine: personalised medical news app dedicated for the healthcare professional This international app is the first medical news-generating app that is ...


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The Story of Dr. Dolittle 1: Puddleby | Level 4 | By Little Fox

Subscribe to our channel and see 3 new videos uploaded every day, Mon-Fri: https://goo.gl/EI4nEr Click here to watch without ads - http://goo.gl/0eszG3 [Series ...

Under Water Animal Endoscopic Inspection

Animal inspection in the ocean using a very long endoscope.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl s03 e03 Funny Moment

Secret Diary of a Call Girl s03 e03 xD.

Gym Run iPad app

A running, jumping and crashing game in the same style as Temple Run and many, many others. Thanks for watching.

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